Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Things About Alcohol Addiction You Really Should Know…..

Alcohol is a great part of many occasions.

However, it is addictive. Most people have reached a point where alcohol has become a necessity, rather than a choice. They can’t pass a day without taking a glass or two. They are alcohol dependent.

The good thing is that, this condition can be overcome. Many organizations such as the Alcoholics Anonymous are coming up with programs that aim at guiding alcohol dependant individuals from overcoming the addiction.

As we mark the Alcohol Awareness Week, we have found it worthy to share some facts that alcohol dependant people who are overcoming the addiction want you to know: –

Things About Alcohol Addiction You Really Should Know…..
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1. Bid Goodbye to Social events

Most people, who have friends, understand the meaning of peer pressure. It is never easy to be the odd one out in a table where all your friends are sipping their alcohol. This is what one man had to undergo. He had to change his interactions with his friends. He had to cut the time he spent with them in the same way. Saying NO to drinking similarly meant NO to dinner parties, stag dos, weddings and all those alcohol related events.

2. Alcoholism blinds you from reality

Most alcoholic in recovery will tell you how easy it is to spot alcohol dependant people unlike when they were deeply rooted in alcohol. Alcoholism is a slow killer that constantly blinds you from seeing its negative effects on you. You are slowly drawn away from reality. Your friends’ and family’ advise will always fall on deaf ears. The problem may worsen and it becomes difficult to correct it over time.

3. Alcoholics need your hand to recover

Most alcoholics on recovery confess that could not have sobered were it not for friends and family who had the heart to help. Such people require close monitoring; besides friends and family, a therapist, a yoga teacher or a spiritual leader may come in handy.

4. It’s always important to finding a new hobby

They say an empty mind is the devils workshop. Alcoholics in recovery often confess that you need to distract your brain with immense activities in order to quit drinking. Developing a hobby is a perfect distraction. It will fill the void that alcohol once occupied. Keep yourself busy. Start writing, play games, swim and drinking will fade away from your memories.

5. Alcohol is all around

Look around, in our homes, hotels, colleges and you will realize how prevalent alcohol is. It is very hard to watch a movie or a television show without spotting alcohol. This makes it hard for alcoholics in recovery. Some are even refraining to take Holy Communion in churches because of its alcoholic content. They have to develop that tough life in order to break free from the addiction.

6. AA meetings initial sessions are quite scary

Organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous are very helpful towards breaking free from alcohol addiction. However, most alcoholics in recovery admit to having being anxious in attending the first meetings. Later, they get used to attending them. They later break free from alcohol addiction.

7. Recovery is not all that boring

While most of this article has highlighted how sacrificial and gloomy recovery is. That is not the case, most alcoholics in recovery have enjoyed every bit of it. The AA sessions, the hobbies and the time alone have enriched their lives. In addition, they become more responsible and more respected in the society. You no longer leave in fear. You get to accept who you are and slowly by slowly you break free from the addiction. ”

Things About Alcohol Addiction You Really Should Know…..

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